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The workshops represent an intimate space for one's own inner exploration, which is supported by somatic (body) and movement techniques. They open up space for the embodied perception of inner psychological contents and help strengthen the bridge between the physical, behavioral, emotional and mental aspects of us.

The aim of the psychology in movement workshops is to strengthen the bridge between the mental and the somatic through knowledge, skills and experience. A bridge that is intertwined and always clearly reflected in each other. The workshops encourage the strengthening of awareness, feeling and experience and empower the individual to an integrated sense of connection with the body and, as a result, greater psychological resilience.

The workshops consist of a combination of somatic, physical and movement practices, as well as psychological content and psychotherapeutic methods of support. They are both theoretical and practical, in most of them we research the theory practically and experientially.

The processes are conducted in a small group and invite the individual to an embodied exploration of their own questions and answers. The group helps to raise awareness of the processes and provide appropriate safe support.
Due to the movement practices that we will use, we will mostly touch on issues related to relationships and relations.

Who am I in relation to others? What are my relationship needs?
What are my networking and bonding strategies?
How am I in relation to myself and my inner parts?
What dynamics am I entering into and how do I feel in them?

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