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Holistic treatment approach

Quite often, clients report how they have been visiting various specialists for years and years without getting the right answer to their problems. However, this kind of search for an answer is tiring for them and awakens in them feelings of despair rather than hope and will. In the flood of information, they often feel alone and unheard. 



Certain situations require us to look at their occurrence as well as their support from different angles. For this purpose, we need experts who can professionally assess what kind of support we need and how different modalities can support the treatment process, while they themselves cooperate both with the client and with each other. 

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Purpose and goals 

The programs are intended to deal with more complex forms of assistance that require multidisciplinary cooperation.

After the initial assessment (if necessary), the following are included in the consideration: 

- psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, manual therapist (bodywork), physiotherapist, client's personal doctor or specialist, nutritionists, yoga instructors and other experts of alternative or classical medicine, with whom the individual is treated.  

The involvement of other specialists depends on the condition and needs of the client.  

In the process of obtaining help, we help the client to be heard and fully supported. We experts try to work together and in this way provide the client with more comprehensive support. 

Examples of such forms of treatment: 

- support for burnout (in cases where the condition has already progressed significantly) 

- some autoimmune diseases (e.g. fibromyalgia and associated psychiatric disorders) 

- support for palliative conditions (support for relatives or the sick)

- support for recovery from serious injuries 

- support during and after pregnancy 

- dealing with chronic pain 

Insofar as the client's condition exceeds the ability to be dealt with within the Elu Center, we direct him to further management and help him in this with directions. 


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“Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines

to learn from each other”
― Gyan Nagpal

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